Do you aim to get your story out there, in a dialogue with your clients? Do you want to bond with your target audience to generate leads that will convert to business? Webinars will bring your marketing strategy to the next level.

NEP has launched a complete webinar solution, providing you the easiest way to a successful webinar.


What is a webinar?

A webinar is a live broadcast session through the internet featuring one particular theme or topic .

A webinar is a live broadcast session through the internet featuring one particular theme or topic, referring for example to a product or solution that your company has to offer and that you wish to promote.

Webinars improve your online visibility and reputation as an expert in your field of business. Moreover, the interactive communication tools of a webinar provide unique opportunities for every entrepreneur or marketeer who wants to enter into an active dialogue with their target audience. A webinar is an excellent way to generate leads.


No extra software needed 
NEP offers a complete, web-based webinar tool. No extra software or apps needed to organise or to attend a webinar. 


No programming skills needed
All functionalities are built in. To use the webinar platform of NEP,
you don't need any programming skills. 


Responsive & mobile ready
All templates provided in the webinar platform function perfectly on any device and can be customized to your brand design.

Why organise a webinar?

An online webinar is an excellent way to promote your products and services. Webinars also work extremely well in bringing together people, their ideas and perspectives. With a webinar you can bring across your expertise and increase your audience. A webinar is extremely easy to set up; on short notice and at low costs.

How does a webinar work?

With the webinar platform of NEP you can easily organize live webinars, make a live webinar available on demand, or broadcast a pre-recorded webinar 'as live'.

Setting up a successful online webinar is very simple. The NEP webinar platform offers everything needed to make your webinar a success, from the first invitation to an appropriate follow-up and analytics. This easy webinar wizard will guide you step by step to an interesting and effective webinar.

Want to organise a webinar with NEP?

To realize a webinar with the webinar platform of NEP, you basically do not need more than a computer with a decent internet connection and a microphone and a presenter seated in front of the webcam. But do you wish to organize a webinar with all the trimmings, for example with several guests in your panel and switch live between camera's? NEP can help you set up your online webinar from a full-fledged studio in Amsterdam.

NEP provides a complete webinar platform that guides you step-by-step to a successful online webinar.