A webinar, how does it work?

A webinar, how does it work?

The easy webinar solution by NEP takes you step by step to a successful webinar.

  fa-check  No extra software needed and no programming skills.

  fa-check  Everyone with internet access can attend your webinar, through every device and from any location.

  fa-check  The viewer experience focusses completely on your presentation and your interaction with your viewer.
  fa-check  Invitation,  landing page, registration page

To start, you send an invitation email to your customers, followers and subscribers to your newsletter. All the people who are already familiar with your company and have shown an interest in what you do.

Within the NEP webinar platform, you set up an attractive landing page, with a catchy title and description, a biography of the presenter and the right triggers to attend this webinar. This can even be presented in forms of a video message. 

With a call to action and a link to the registration page of your online webinar, they book their virtual seat. You also place the call via your own social media channels to invite new interested parties.

  fa-check  Insight, overview and pre-run

The registration process gives you insight in the names and email addresses of your participants. During the webinar itself you can see in real time who is (virtually) presentThe content of your presentation and all information about your webinar is clearly arranged on one page. You can pre-run your presentation to see how it will come across.

  fa-check  Interactieve tools: mail, chat and polls

The NEP webinar platform has interactive tools that makes it exceptionally easy to pose questions to the panel. Participants can contact you directly via mail, the private chat or through the public chat that is visible to all the viewers. With polls and statements you can gather valuable feedback and market information.

Even with an automated webinar, (the transmission of a pre-recorded webinar,) it remains possible to chat live with your participants, completely free from presentation stress!

  fa-check  Closing page and follow-up
Via the closing page at the end of your webinar, you can thank your viewers for their interest and invite them to take a next step in the communication flow, such as:
  fa-arrow-right  Share the webinar on social media
  fa-arrow-right  Follow your company via social media
  fa-arrow-right  Subscribe to your newsletter or blog
  fa-arrow-right  Requesting information
  fa-arrow-right  Request a personal interview or demo, etc.

In a follow-up e-mail you can distribute the link to the on-demand webinar. But you can add even more. For example a summary of your webinar, the request for feedback or a special offer. 

  fa-check  Analytics
The webinar platform of NEP provides analytics tools to assess how successful the webinar has been. How many visitors of the landing page did register? And how many of the applicants has actually attended your webinar? The interaction ratio tells something about the involvement of the participants during the webinar.

To realize a webinar with the platform of NEP you basically do not need more than a computer with a decent internet connection and a microphone, and a presenter seated  live in front of the webcam.

But do you want to organize a webinar with all the trimmings, for example with several speakers in your panel and switching between camera angles? NEP can also help you set up an online webinar from a full-fledged studio.

The NEP webinar platform can be applied as SaaS solution. This enables you to organise and cast your own webinar, in-house. We can provide the right recording facilities and support.

The webinar platform of NEP provides a platform that will guide you step-by-step to a successful online webinar. More information >